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Muslim Marriage Act

Muslim Marriage Act

Muslim Marriage Act

Marriages of muslims who are Indian Nationals are regulated by the Muslim Marriage Act. This act applies to all muslims who are citizens of India except the muslims residing in Jammu and Kashmir. Any Indian muslim living abroad is also bound by this act. Muslims who are residing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but originally are official resident of some other Indian state are also bound by the Muslim Marriage Act.

Terms and Conditions for Marriage to be valid under Muslim Marriage

A muslim marrige is valid under the muslim marriage act only if it fulfills the following terms and conditions.

  1. Both the boy and girl should belong to muslim community, in other words both the prospective bride and groom should follow muslim religion.
  2. Both the boy and girl should be of marriageable age and should not be minor. They should be of sound mind and should be capable of forming marital relationship.
  3. The bride and groom should by no means be prohibited by Islamic law to marry each other.
  4. Their should be consent of both the bride and groom for marriage.
  5. The marriage will take in accordance with muslim marriage act before a marriage officer.
  6. Marriage will be registered under the Muslim Marriage Act.

Muslim Marriage Certificate as per Muslim Marriage Act

Once the marriage has been solemnized according  to Muslim Marriage Act before the marriage officer. Muslim Marriage Certificate in the prescribed format of the marriage will be signed by the marriage officer, the bride and groom in the presence of  two credible witnesses, and such marriage officer will enter up in the reciept book the prescribed particulars and sign the same. The marriage officer then sends the marriage certificate to the Registrar General within seven days. Once the Registrar General thoroughly checks the cerificate and is satisfied he will get the marriage registered.

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