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How Marriage in India has changed with times?

Marriage is considered most important event  of and individual’s life. It is a crucial turning point in the life of every boy and girl. This is the phase where a boys transforms into man and the girl transforms into woman. With marriage a man and woman become both become more responsible individuals. In India mostly marriages are fixed by relatives or common friends, such marriages are also called arranged marriage. While fixing a marriage the social status, caste and community are given prime importance. Although people have become more open and broadminded nowadays but even after so much changes in the society parents still prefer to marry their children in the same caste, community and religion.

How marriage has changed over the years
How marriage has evolved in India

Inter caste and inter religious marriage are still not very common. People also take the services marriage bureaus to get suitable match for their son or daughter. Most of these marriage bureaus reperesent a certain community and their matriomonial services cater to particular community only.  For example among Hindus only there are separate marriage bureaus for Kshatriyas, Kayasthas, Punjabis etc.

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Another very popular medium of arranging marriages is classified advertisements in newspapers. The conecerned parents, relatives or friends of boy or girl publish matrimonial advertisement for the required groom or bride mentioning their caste and community. In classified ads there are different sections for different communities. Many also people publish an advert mentioning no restriction of caste or community.

In recent times with the advancement in technology and penetration of internet the widespread use of matriomonial websites and apps has also increased. Matrimonial websites and apps make it easier for people to search for the eligible person from their huge database based on parameters like nationality, gender, income, physical structure etc.  Although matrimoinal websites and apps have been a game changer in the way marriages are fixed many people still prefer above disucussed traditional ways of arranging marriages as it is difficult to judge the authenticity of profile of person online on website and apps. 

As people are become more and more career oriented with changing times they prefer to marry once they they finish their studies, have a secure job or source of earning. Due to this mostly people now a days are opting for marriage at an older age. Marriageable age for boys has become 30-32 years and for girls it is slightly less or equal.

Live In Relationship

Recently with the immitation and influence of western culture many Indians are going for live in relationships. In such relationship boy and girl prefer to live together without marriage and can part ways or stay together, if they wish to continue relationship they can marry later. Since there is lot of freedom and no social responsibility many youngsters are going for live in relationships. This kind of relationship is primarily prevelant in metro cities.