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Court Marriage Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Ghaziabad is prime location of Delhi NCR Uttar Pradesh. People from all over India come for court marriage in Ghaziabad. Court marriage is the best way to get married legaly in quick time.

Marriage is a word that means union of two people of opposite sex. A man and woman’s formal and legal bond is called marriage. Getting married can be the most vital decision of a human being. In most traditions and cultures marriage is a sacred bond between a man and woman. There are many ways by which a couple can get married like Court Marriage, Traditional marriage or Arya Samaj Marriage. 

In an a country like India traditional marriage is often the first choice for getting married. But in many cases Court Marriage is a better way to get married and holds serveral advantages over traditional marriage.

Why Get Court Marriage in Ghaziabad?

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad
court marriage procedure in india

Ghaziabad is one of the most important city of Delhi NCR. It is infact the oldest city of NCR Region. Ghaziabad Tehsil is a well known place all over India and people from all across India come here to get legally married. Court Marriage is an easy and trouble free process for couples who find it difficult to get married in traditional way.

Why Court Marriage?

Court Marriage in Ghaziabad is the easiest and simplest way to tie the nupital knot. Court Marriage is open for people of all religion, caste and creed. Court Marriage is certified by law and completely legal. In fact it is in many more beneficial to get married in court becuase of its legal authenticity.

Requirements and Eligibility for Court Marriage

  • The bridegroom should be 21 years of age and the bride at least 18 years of age to be eligible for court marriage
  • Both the parties should not be a part of any existing valid marriage with third person. If already married a proof of divorce must be produced.
  • The Bride and Bridegroom should be mature, responsible and of sound mind.
  • There should not be any prohibited relation among the aspirng Husband and Wife
  • In case both the parties are hindus they can marry under Hindu Marriage Act. In case they belong to different religion or nationality they can marry under Special Marriage Act.

Benefits of Court Marriage

Court Marriages are becoming extremely common now a days and in many conditions it is the best way to tie the nupital knot. It requires far less formailities than a traditional marriage and the marriage procedure is completed within a few hours only. Few benefits of court marriage are given below:

  • Court Marriages are easier to organize
  • No need for huge expenses, gifts and show off which is a waste of money
  • Only Few witness required to complete the process of marriage.
  • It checks the custom of dowry which is very much prevelant in traditional marriage
  • Court Marriage procedure is completed within few hours.
  • In cases where the bride and groom have different traditions and backgrounds, caste or communiy it is the best resort as there is no need to follow traditions and customs of both families. Only Formal procedure of court needs to be followed.
  • Court Marriages are open to all citizens of India irrespective of their caste, religion and culture
  • In many cases like in love marriages the couple opts for court marriage in case of opposition of family and relatives
  • Court Marriage takes just a few hours to complete and does not need to follow lenghty customs and tradtions of traditional marriage
  • Marriage Certificate is provided from the registrar’s office which is a legal proof of marriage
  • Economical affair for both the families especially the girl’s family as huge expenditures are cut off.

Documents Required for Court Marriage

  • Age proof of both parties( birth certificate/ matriculation certificate/ passport)
  • Residential proof of both parties (passport/ voter id/ electricity or landline telephone bill in the parties name/ ration card
  • Receipt of payment of fees for application form and other marriage fees.
  • If applying not from place of permanent residence but from a place in which one of the parties has been residing for more than a month, in such cases residential proof of the same is required (Ration card/ report from Station House Officer).
  • Affidavits from both parties regarding date of birth, present marital status (unmarried/divorced/widower).
  • Confirmation on the parties not falling within degrees of prohibited relation of each other.
  • Two passport sized photographs each of both parties
  • In case of divorcees, Divorce Decree Certificate
  • In case of widow and widower, Municipal Death Certificate of the deceased

Documents required in case of foreign national:

  • A copy of passport and visa
  • A certificate of NOC or marital status certificate from the concerned embassy
  • One of the parties should produce documentary evidence regarding stay in India for 30 or more days (proof of residence or report from the concerned SHO)

The Witnesses too need to carry the following documents

  • Ration Card
  • Passport (if any)
  • Voter Id
  • Driving License (if any)

Same Day Marriage, Tatkal Marriage

In many cases the couple wants to get married as quickly as possible to avoid any delay. Court marriage and Arya Samaj Marriage are the best solutions in such cases. Just a few formalities needs to be fulfilled and the couple is declared legally married. Marriage registration in Ghaziabad is easy .In many cases marriage certificate can be issue within a day. This is also called Tatkal Marriage.