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How to obtain Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh Delhi NCR?

Marriage Certificate is an important legal document which proves the legality of marriage. In other words marriage certificate is that official piece of paper which testifies that a man and woman are married to each other and related to each other as husband and wife. To  obtain marriage certificate in Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR please read about the required documents and conditions.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is very helpful legal document that proves relationship between husband and wife. Marriage certificate is very helpful when applying for passport, visa  and work permit if either of the spouse lives in a foriegn country.  Marriage Cetificate is also very helpful in cases pertianing family pension, divorce, alimony and child custody. In case of purchase of property in jont name or applying for a home loan marriage certificate is mandatory

Marriage Certificate Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Marriage Certificate

Documents Required for obtaining Marriage Certificate in Ghaziabad Delhi NCR

  • Application form duly filled/signed by both husband and wife
  • Age proofs of both husband and wife
  • Passport-sized photographs of husband and wife,
  • One Photograph of Marriage
  • Aadhaar cards of both applicants
  • Address proof
  • Marriage Invitation card (if available)
  • A Cerificate from Priest in case of a marriage in religious place like Temple, Gurudwara etc.
  • In case of second marrige an attested copy of divorce order or death certificate of former spouse
  • Fees of Rs 100 to be paid along with application form if the marriage comes under Hindu Marriage Act and fee of Rs.150 if marriage comes under special marriage act.

Is the Marriage Under Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act?

Marriages between Hindu, Sikh and Jains comes under Hindu Marriage Act. If both or either of the partner is from different religion marriage comes under special marriage act. If the parnter is an NRI or foreigner marraige comes under special marriage act. Under the special marriage act a 30 day notice is given at sub registrars office under whose jurisication either of the partner has stayed for a minimum of 30 days. This notice is put on the board at sub registar office for 30 days and if there is no objection regarding this notice by anyone, the marriage can be registered by marriage registrar.

An important point to be noted is that application for marriage certificate should be filed in the concerned Gram Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation where the wedding took place.

In case of court marriage since marriage is solemnized in front of court officials at sub registrar’s office marriage certificate is issued by the court.
In marriages which are not court marriages and have already been solemnized elsewhere a marriage proof is submitted along with application form and other required documents for marriage registration by both the applicants.

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